Your Voices Guide Our Care

Rosedale Green believes that residents and families are in a better position to evaluate the care of a nursing facility than an external agency. We voluntarily contract with My Innerview to conduct resident and family satisfaction surveys.

My Innerview is the largest independent resident satisfaction company in the U.S. Approximately one in three nursing homes utilizes My Innerview to conduct residential and/or family satisfaction surveys. Rosedale Green believes that using an outside, unbiased research company to determine resident satisfaction is the best measure of our care and caring.

My Innerview mails satisfaction surveys to former short-stay residents following their discharge and to the responsible parties of the long-term residents annually. The completed surveys are then returned to and tabulated by My Innerview. To preserve anonymity, Rosedale Green sees only the tabulated results and any voluntary comments.

In 2010, we received the following ratings from our residents and family members:

  • 100% of our short-term patients, from July 2010 through July 2011, rated Overall Satisfaction as Good or Excellent.
  • 91% of our long-term residents rated Overall Satisfaction as Good or Excellent.
  • 96% of our residents' family members rated Overall Satisfaction as Good or Excellent.