Rosedale Green News

Press Release: Rosedale Partners with St. Charles Care Center

With St. Charles Care Center transitioning away from skilled services, Rosedale Green partnered to purchase the nursing facility’s beds so that the community’s citizens would not feel the squeeze of fewer available units. Thirty beds were transferred to Rosedale Green during 2009 and 2010 with hopes of developing a house specialized for dementia/memory care and short-term rehabilitation. This dream looks as if it could become a reality in the near future.

Press Release: Watch Us Grow (Renovation and Expansion Project)

Rosedale Green has built an excellent reputation for caring for and nurturing residents and their families; however, the current structure limits how effectively we can deliver our services. The proposed renovation will allow Rosedale Green to continue to provide superior resident-directed living and will transform the space into a “household”-model nursing care facility.

The household model is a much-improved departure from traditional skilled nursing homes, altering size, design and organization to create a warm and welcoming community. The proposed renovation to Rosedale Green incorporates innovative architecture and will allow the staff to provide services to residents and their families that offer privacy, autonomy, support and enjoyment.

When complete, our state-of-the-art community will be aesthetically and functionally transformed. The space will fully complement and support our caregivers’ person-focused approach, providing the members of our community with a premier option for nursing home living.